WOW.....I went "The Miracles Workshop"  with no expectations, but was totally blown away.  I loved the multiple changes in format that gave the whole experience texture.  To go from the improvisational exercise with full involvement, to closed eye stream of consciousness, to demonstrations on emotional attachments, gave the workshop a tapestry of Angelic texture.      Sarah M


Bridget's "MIRACLES workshop brings The Course to life. With her personal experience and background, Bridget helped me experience the light and love I can get from the spiritual path and gave me real and practical ways to improve my every day life. It's an experience... and a must-do for anyone looking to take their spiritual life to the next level.    Melina S


Taking The Miracles  workshop with Bridget last month, genuinely gave me a tool kit to call my ego out, in the moment, put up my hand and say "Enough." Because I was able to put in real life action the thoughts that go on in my head, when they pop up now, I remember standing there listening to them from someone else's mouth, wanting so badly to fight back. When I finally did, it was liberating. And I take that with me everywhere. All I have to do is stand up for my Spirit, at all times, and take back control. Return to love. And peace follows. Such an incredible experience.   Lisa H