Bridget Trama is an impassioned inspirational speaker, teacher, actor, writer, comedian and advocate for A Course in Miracles. Her combined passion for truth, wellness, spiritual growth, fun,laughter, creativity and the Arts have contributed to her unique style as a teacher, speaker and life coach. As a former stand up comedian Bridget brings a refreshing amount of fun and lightness to her teaching. Her style gives people permission to let go, have fun, laugh at themselves and use what holds them back to become free and grow.

 Her schedule includes speaking engagements across the United States for various Retreats and Wellness Workshops and teaches a weekly ACIM class in Los Angeles. 

It has been said by many in after one class, phone call or event with Bridget Trama it is undeniably clear her enthusiasm and love for spiritual growth, fun, self love and freedom is deliciously contagious and absolutely inspiring