So you want to start   "A Course in Miracles"   but you don't know how .
Or you've tried starting it before but quickly gave up? 
Or you're an "old pro" with it but want to go deeper an accelerate the process of getting to the peace and miracles everybody keeps talking about?  I'm with you and here to help!

When I first got the book ten years ago I was like, "What the heck is this thing saying?!!".... Cut to 10 years later With the help of my inner guide I'm literally translating the ACIM text for people... Talk about a miracle!!!! And I want to share that miracle with you because according to A Course in Miracles nobody has more than anyone else. Meaning all miracles are equal. So any miracles I receive, you can receive too. If you're open and willing. Are you open and willing? Wiling to receive and experience a peace, love and joy beyond your wildest imagination? Are you ready to start calling in your miracles? Yes? I thought so ...Well then let's get started. 🙏 Let's not delay receiving our miracles another second longer! Woohoo!!!  To receive a preview of my E book  Bridget Trama's Beginner's guide to A Course in Miracles type in your name and email below