QUESTION: The lessons have been tricky for me, sometimes I completely forget about them. But when I go back to them there is so much ego chatter about not being a good student.  

ANSWER: The course often mentions not to be concerned in the beginning if you forget to do your lesson throughout the day it's part of the minds initial resistance to letting go of fear. But as soon as you do remember go right back into doing the lessons, and not let the fact you have forgotten sabotage the whole day. When the ego's voice tells you "you are not a good student"  try not to indulge it and feel bad but instead recognize it's not the truth and start with the lesson you are on in this new moment and celebrate you remembered now. Only the ego has use for guilt. Begin again from this new moment of now, it's the only true moment we ever really have.

QUESTION: Yesterday was amazing. Today I feel like I hit a brick wall. My ego has kicked into overdrive saying nasty stuff like "you aren't doing enough, you should be further along. You think your really going to help other people one day what a joke"  I've been using my lesson for the day, meditated and tapped. Any other suggestions?

ANSWER: When the egos starts saying harsh stuff like that, its actually usually an indication it's feeling threatened and wants to keep you down because you are doing well... It 's running scared because you felt amazing yesterday and are doing the lessons and remembering truth. So my suggestions is go to the light even more. Every time your ego starts barking, recognize its not the truth!!! You are amazing and your light is so needed in this world... please keep going... your WAKING UP to the truth of who and what you are is the greatest gift you can give yourself and The World!!

QUESTION:  I finished ACIM and am now reading the teachers manual but I feel a little I go back and repeat it? should I focus on reading the text? I guess I could ask the universe what to do next lol but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask you either! 

ANSWER: Yes, always ask Holy Spirit first and see what gives you the most peace.  If you do choose to start again. You will likely be shocked how you are able to understand and imbibe more each time. We need to hear the truth over and over to go deeper, to allow in more peace. It is a process that unfolds.

QUESTION:  I'm on lesson 36: My Holiness envelops everything I see. This coupled with yesterday's lesson "My mind is part of God's. I am very holy" is super powerful but I am really having to practice this all day very mindfully because it is so easy for my ego to sneak in and say .. "your not holy what they heck are you talking about!?”

ANSWER: Yes, that's exactly what you need to do... "Stay mindful" mindful with your thinking. Part of our task, our little willingness the course often talks about, is to develop a vigilance to see the ego's cruel and discouraging words as not our own and develop a habit and way of thinking that continues to side with love not fear. That is exactly the point... Just because you think something doesn't make it true. Don't listen  and know you are very holy!!

QUESTION:  I'm on lesson 25 and it's a little exhausting! I know you have to tear down a house before you can renovate, but it's kind of a drag to stop 6 times a day to think about how meaningless it all is! I'm ready for some light! Xo

ANSWER:  I certainly understand your frustration and have experienced it myself and sometimes still do. But what is more of a DRAG is our patterns of upset, sadness, suffering and fear that run our lives every day. I know 6 times seems like a lot but it is nothing compared to the hours days, months, years, lifetimes we spend devoted to choosing fear, indulging negative thinking, upset complaint and suffering. Yes at times it will be frustrating but know you have a powerful inner companion with you that is available and waiting to help... Stay resilient, the rewards are many and worth the little willingness that is asked of you! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

QUESTION:  I'm on Lesson 45: "God is the Mind with which I think"  I don't quite understand how to do this lesson. It says to repeat the idea (that part I understand), then it says to think about a few relevant thoughts (??) and add 4-5 thoughts of your own to the idea (???) and then to go past all the unreal thoughts that cover the truth.The only thoughts that came to my head during this are:
God and I are one.
My thoughts are at one with God.
My thoughts are Godly.

Any insight would be wonderful

ANSWER: What is most important is your intention, even more so than the perfect relevant words to add. Just allow whatever thoughts come as you did. More important to not try to force thoughts to come, but allow them to be revealed. This happens through intention and letting go. Allowing space for Holy Spirit to provide you access to the loving thoughts you share with God. And also being okay if none are coming, trusting in the process. It is your willingness to do the lessons, to be in the space of quiet that is your active part, your road back to the kingdom that is your divine inheritance.

QUESTION:  I'm on Lesson 22 today. I'm a little confused. I understand that I am the one who chooses to hold onto my attack thoughts, I also understand that in order to let go of anger, I must release those thoughts. Yet the practice doesn't seems to match up to that?  When I look around the room, I don't see things that make me angry...hence why this is frustrating

ANSWER: I know, it can be very difficult to comprehend much of what the course is starting to unravel for us ...but as long as we are still seeing everything through wrong mindedness everything we see is a form of vengeance even the seemingly "good things” because even those are temporary and can change. At any moment, i.e. a perfect body can get sick, the perfect relationship can fail etc etc. it's all temporary, all a reflection of our vengeance against ourselves. This world is a reflection of the tiny mad idea that we are separate from GOD, an idea we made up. So there is no peace in what we see because it can all change. But the real world, your true reality is eternal and unchangeable and underneath all this madness, waiting for you to remember. This remembering is the process you are undertaking now by doing the lessons and applying them to your daily life.The beginning of our release and the correction of our wrong minded perceptions is to see first what we have done to ourselves. To begin to see it's all the same... The things we like and the things we don't.

QUESTION: I'm on Lesson 114,  a review section, where I have to say one miracle statement on the hour & the next one on the half hour throughout the day. I'm remembering that I need to say the statements each hour but wow is my ego blocking it. Like one of the statements today is "I am spirit" & I keep having to check the open ACIM browser on my phone to remember what I'm supposed to say, so ego is on major block mode! The other thing is that when I remember to say the statements, my ego jumps in & says "oh that's not doing anything, repeating it isn't making a difference, why bother?!" I'm definitely starting to feel more peace though & realizing that some things that would've fazed me aren't anymore (but some still do, haha!) 

ANSWER: Yes isn't it incredible one little sentence. But it just proves how powerful that one little sentence is. The ego tries so desperately to block it from your mind. This is big... Know whenever your ego tells you "why bother" that actually is the exact moment you need to remember the lesson even more. Use the ego against itself. Use the lie of "why bother" as an alarm bell to remember truth!!! The closer you come to waking up the more the ego freaks out!!! Your doing great, stay vigilant, set an alarm on your phone to remind you of your lesson throughout the day too! It really helps.

QUESTION:   My lesson today is "God is the light in which I see" ! Today while doing my lesson, I gently slipped past my thoughts and easily FELT God's light. I asked it to guide me all day. A lot of sh%t  happened at work but, like you said in your video Bridget Trama, return to your lesson. I think I got through the crap better than I ever have! xoxo  but then my ego spoke up and said "If you were doing it right and if you were really in the light, this crap at work wouldn't have happened in the first place" I feel it was a big step to be aware of ego, and return to my light.

ANSWER:  That's Awesome! Of course your ego said that.... the beauty and the miracle is your beginning to see the ego's meaningless words for what they are... useless and meaningless. Life will continue to happen and things will come up that appear to be upsets. The miracle is in how we start to see the upsets differently. And how they no longer hold power over us like they once did... and eventually they won't even appear anymore... you are on the path dear one and you had a beautiful victory of SELF today... I celebrate with you!! WOOT!


I'm on LESSON 24" I do not perceive my own best interests." I am having trouble with this one.... I can list a situation and all my desired outcomes, but I don't see those desired outcomes as having anything to do with the situation? Help