Is fear running your life? Have you had enough of the suffering?

 Are you tired of listening to your negative self talk, believing you're not okay? Wondering how to reach the peace all of these self-help books and spiritual teachings keep promising?  I hear you! That’s how I felt. I was at a breaking point in my life, a bottom where it seemed like everything was falling apart. I had read "all" the self help books, gone to "all" the workshops, yet I was still frightened and unhappy. I didn’t understand.  I felt inept, wondering what I was doing wrong.  Why couldn’t I reach the peace they were all talking about. It wasn’t until I found A Course in Miracles that I realized what was missing was Spirit.  I was trying to go it alone. I had no idea there was an internal guide within me just waiting to help. We all have this guide, this inner teacher, but most of us are too busy listening to our fear voice- you know, the voice in your head that tells you you're not good enough, everything is wrong you should be worried and how everything is a problem.  We're so busy listening to that voice, we miss out on the amazing wisdom, guidance and answers Spirit is just waiting to provide us.  Fortunately if you're reading this it’s a good sign you're ready to change all that. You’re ready to finally let go of the suffering and live in your joy, bliss and freedom. That’s what A course in Miracles provides, a system, a daily guide back love.  So that we can finally remove all the blocks we have built up against our happiness and peace. 

How do you read A Course in Miracles Text? I get it!! 

Many people find when they begin A Course in Miracles that the text is difficult to understand and quickly give up.  I so get it!  I felt the same way! Fortunately though I didn't give up and a miracle occurred. I am now able to read it, so well in fact, that I am able help others do the same. My intention is to help shift the experience of learning A Course in Miracles  from one of labor and confusion to one of clarity and excitement. To bring the text to life in a more contemporary way that's relatable and easier to process. I believe in every moment we have a choice to learn through suffering or joy. I want to encourage us all to be happy learners now, not later. That is why I teach classes, give workshops, talks  and have an online digital course.  I absolutely love A Course in miracles! I know the power of miracles, I want them for myself and I want them for you!! If you would like to learn more on how you can work with me. click on the WORK WITH ME  button on the navigation bar above. I can't wait for us to get started!


To learn more about Bridget's digital class Click on arrow above

To learn more about Bridget's digital class Click on arrow above

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